Photoblog It's been a long time: With this photo, I started my photoblog v1.0 in May 2007. Corresponding blogs were quite popular in the mid-2000s and so I published 1,677 images by the end of 2016 - all of which are still available and can be viewed via this link.

Not least due to the flight of fancy of the "social media", my enthusiasm waned afterwards and the web lay more or less fallow. It wasn't until the demise of Twitter that things came back to life, and since mid-May 2023 the new, completely redesigned pages have been online. Thanks Elon.

Important criteria for the implementation: good loading speed of the pages, abandonment of WordPress, Drupal & Co. Therefore, all components of the web are kept very lean and optimized for a fast call.

The basis is a CMS system based on the framework Symfony; of course everything is hosted by INOSOFT.

I live and work in Marburg, a good 90 km north of Frankfurt, in the middle of Germany. Besides photography, I like to do sports, I'm an enthusiastic horseback rider and since October 2022 I've been chatting with my buddy Steffen Schmidt about business topics once a week on our podcast Randgeschehen.